We Are The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a diverse group of people who share in our passion for God and for His people. When we say that we’re a diverse congregation, we mean it. Our members are black and white, gay and straight, single and married, young and–well, not quite as young. We’re held together by a strong bond of love that cannot be broken.

In a day and age that many churches split over divergent goals, theological beliefs, and sometimes personality conflicts, The Sanctuary was founded as a merger between two small congregations—New Revelation Christian Church, pastored by Romell Weekly, and Rainbow Covenant Christian Ministries, pastored by Lynn Matejka. We held our first service as The Sanctuary on Sunday, January 1, 2012.

We are a congregation committed to the equality and affirmation of all people, regardless of race, sex, ableness, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and to providing support to the marginalized in our society, especially the poor and needy, and members of the LGBT community.

Having witnessed the challenges faced by denominational congregations, especially the theological and procedural restrictions placed upon them as they seek to serve in the best way they can, The Sanctuary has no denominational affiliations. We classify ourselves as nondenominational, though we believe strongly that all Christians are our brothers and sisters, and our fellow laborers in the ministry of the kingdom of God. We are open to fellowship and joint ventures with congregations spanning the spectrum of Christian denominations, provided that the core essential doctrines are agreed upon (primarily, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and a refusal to discriminate based on race, sex, ableness, sexual orientation, or gender identity).

Our goal as a congregation is to loudly and proudly proclaim God’s love for all people, combating the misconception that Christians are a bunch of self-righteous, judgmental bigots who hunger for social and political power. We endeavor to help people live victorious, successful lives, prospering always internally in mind, body, spirit, and externally in finances, friendships, relationships, and every other area of life.

You are invited to come and be a part of this great work that God is doing. We hope to welcome you as a new member of our family!

Everyone Is Welcome At The Sanctuary!