Interested In Becoming A Member?

At The Sanctuary, we don’t look at membership as a matter of putting your name on the “roll.” For us, it’s about family–about covenant. We would be honored to welcome you into our family!

Why Is Membership Important?

These days, some people choose to attend a church without actually becoming a member. After all, the concept of membership isn’t something that’s necessarily spelled out in the Bible. So, is it actually important to be a member of a local congregation?

Actually, yes, it is. As stated above, membership is about covenant. When you’re only an attendee, although you’re welcome to attend the church and its functions, you do so as a guest, like an honored guest who joins a family for Thanksgiving dinner. And while that’s a wonderful position to hold within a community, actually becoming a part of that community–a part of that family–is so much better! To know that you can depend on this local community of believers, and that we can depend on you; there’s no substitute for that. It’s a special and precious thing to choose to make a declaration that “this is my church family, and we’re in this journey together!”

There’s a passage found in the book of Hebrews that talks about spiritual leaders being responsible for people’s souls. As the servant-leader of The Sanctuary, Pastor Romell is responsible to God for all of our spiritual well-being. Membership makes him aware of whose spiritual well-being he is personally responsible for. It lets him (and the rest of the leadership) know whom they are covering–those whom God has entrusted to their care. And that is to all of our benefit, so that we know that we are prayed for, and looked after as a part of a local flock whose shepherd (that’s what “pastor” means) knows that we are his/her responsibility.

How To Become A Member

If and when you’re ready to become a member of The Sanctuary, it’s very simple to do. At the church, on the shelf underneath every sanctuary chair, is a Request Card. Simply fill out that card, checking the option for becoming a member, and place it in the offering tray during the offertory period.

One of the ministers will get you enrolled in our Covenant Class (our introductory class for new members), so that you can learn more about the church, including our history, core beliefs and values, etc. After attending the class (it usually lasts 3 sessions), you’ll be taken in as a new member during the next Sunday worship service… and we so look forward to welcoming you!