Though a smaller congregation, we have a vision and structure in place to accommodate our expectant growth. Included in that structure are a number of positions we are hoping to fill. So, check out the list below and see if anything speaks to you. We would love to consider you for placement within the church’s ministries.


Elder of Education – Oversees the Education department, including covenant classes for new members, life-skills outreach training, and more. Serves on the church’s leadership board.

Elder of Ministries – Oversees our small group ministries. Serves on the church’s leadership board.

Elder of Music and Arts – Oversees the Music and Arts department, including the praise team, musicians, and the development of additional artistic ministries (dance, art, etc.). Serves on the church’s leadership board.

Elder of Outreach – Oversees the Outreach department, including social programs and evangelism. Oversees the deacon board, alongside the Elder of Inreach. Serves on the church’s leadership board.

Elder of Youth & Young Adults – Oversees the Youth and Young Adults department, ensuring the health of an engaging, educational, fun community for our young people. Serves on the church’s leadership board.

Worship Service

Keyboardist – Plays as needed during various parts of the worship service, including praise and worship, offertory, altar ministry and closing. (Position currently occupied by pastor.)

Worship Leader – Leads the praise team and congregation in ministering in song during praise and worship. If able, also teaches new music to the praise team. (Position currently occupied by pastor.)

Teacher – Engages and teaches youth during Bible class and worship service.

Hospitality – Greets people as they enter, and provides visitors with welcome items.

Videographer – Manages the recording and live streaming of the service. We currently have an unmanned, single-camera setup, but would like to expand it to multiple cameras.

PLEASE NOTE: As new departments and ministries of the church get up and running, additional positions will be available; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t serve now! If there is an area of service not listed above that you are interested in, contact us and let us know.

ALSO NOTE: At this time, all positions are volunteer. We do hope to add some salaried positions as growth enables us to. Thank you for your willingness to serve.