Elder Cindy

Elder Cindy was raised Baptist, and thought that God was vengeful and would “get her” if she did something wrong. Her family was asked to leave their church because of a disagreement with the pastor. After that experience, it was difficult to reconcile what she believed with what a human had done in the name of God. As a result, she shied away from organized religion until she was almost 30 years old.

Finding an accepting congregation was “amazing for me,” and Elder Cindy realized that God was loving, forgiving, and merciful, and that she could have a more meaningful relationship with Him than she’d ever had before. After becoming a part of The Sanctuary at its founding, she was “thrilled to be part of a ministry full of down to earth, real people.” She says, “Life can be difficult, but when you know that there is a church family that loves you no matter what, everyday seems easier.”