Elder Romell

Elder Romell is the founder and spiritual leader of The Sanctuary. He has served as spiritual leader since 2002, and also serves in the ministry giftings of apostle and teacher. He holds an M.Div. (Master of Divinity) degree, which he received from Eden Theological Seminary (a nationally accredited seminary of the United Church of Christ).

Elder Romell is an accomplished writer, who has published 4 books on Christian theology. He is also the founder of Kingdom Embassy, a non-profit purposed with empowering people to holistically live into the full potential of their divinity and ambassadorship in the Kingdom of God. In addition, along with his husband, Damion, he is co-founder of Parks-Weekly Ministries, a non-profit whose mission is to educate and empower LGBTQ+ individuals to see their worth as God’s beloved, and to live their best lives despite the social and religious deck being stacked against them.