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The Next Phase

We’ve got a lot going on at The Sanctuary. Back in April, we sold our building in Kirkwood and bought our new building here in the Tower Grove South neighborhood of the city. Since then, we’ve been busy cleaning and renovating our new building. It’s been a labor, to say the least; but it’s so exciting to see things coming together.

We’ve been holding worship services since mid-July, and just this month, we moved our Sunday worship from 11am to 12 noon. We also added Bible class in the pre-service spot traditionally used for Sunday school (though The Sanctuary itself never had Sunday school). We’re just two weeks into our new schedule at this point, and it’s going very well.

We plan to start hosting mid-week Life Class soon; although since we’ll be coming into the winter months soon, we may wait until spring. But it’ll be great to have activity going on at the church during the week, and also to be able to get together with the congregation for a bit of a mid-week recharge.

So, things are happening! It’s great to see everyone so excited and engaged. Even for a small congregation, we’re making things happen. That just proves that it’s not about the numbers, but about the commitment of those who are present! God is able to take 2 fish and 5 cakes of bread and satisfy every need, and He’s proving it at The Sanctuary!

I don’t know what the ministry will ultimately look like. It continues to take shape as we move forward and activate more ministries. And while the vision guides us, we still have to make room for God to steer us in different directions as we continue to move forward. It’s such an humbling thing to be involved in this awesome community of people; and I look forward to continuing to work together as this awesome church keeps moving forward into its next phase here at our new location on Fairview Ave!

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