God has given our pastor a large-scale and ambitious vision for The Sanctuary. We are excited about what He has in store for us, and about the impact He wishes us to have in our community.

The vision of this house includes the following:

To build a strong community of supernaturally empowered citizens of the Kingdom of God.

To provide a support platform and springboard for people to develop and pursue their personal visions and life goals.

To build a retreat center for individuals and groups to utilize to spiritually develop themselves in a distraction-free environment.

To establish a nondenominational training academy and seminary to equip believers for Christian service, with special emphasis on foundational and affirming theology, spiritual and physical wholeness, and Kingdom empowerment.

To provide job hunting services, and basic computer and life skills training.

To build a youth complex that will house study halls, game rooms, a gymnasium, a child care center, and a cafeteria.

To establish a youth-mentoring program where young adults can sponsor at-risk youth in the community, helping them develop spiritually and naturally one-on-one.

To establish housing projects for homeless and marginalized members of society, with special emphasis toward empowering them to become self-sufficient. These projects will be comprised as houses, towers/citadels, and cities of refuge.

To establish a food, clothing and toiletry outreach.

To establish a free health and wellness clinic.

We extend our warmest thanks for joining us in prayer and jubilant expectation as God brings this bold vision to pass. If you would like to be a part of this life-changing work, join us at The Sanctuary. You are most welcome!